New Classes for 2017 starting January 28th.

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Have fun, meet new friends and experience what it's like to learn guitar without having to purchase an instrument.

Gold Coast Kids' Guitar Club uses Copy, Play and Learn. A fun, easy and graded note reading guitar teaching method that employs a child's natural learning processes of imitation and pattern recognition.

You receive group tuition at $19 per hour. A huge saving on the current individual rate of $65 per hour!


Congratulations, Jasmine. Latest winner of one of the guitar challenges.

The Gold Coast Kids Guitar Club is an ideal way for your child to learn to play the guitar and make new friends in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The lessons are held in groups of similarly aged children and ability for the duration of one hour. We play games, competitions and have a break in the middle where children socialise and refresh with a free snack. 

Parents can take advantage of the clubs guitars which are available for use during the lesson and needn't commit to the purchase of an instrument till they're sure that playing the guitar is what their child wants to do.

The lessons  are currently held on Saturday mornings at the Mudgeeraba Music Centre on the corner of Springbrook road and Somerset drive which is not far off the M1 and not too long a drive from the northern or southern suburbs. It is large and comfortable with air conditioning, carpet, toilet facilities and parking directly out front.

Contact us here. Bryce Leader 0408 884 986


These guys are progressing nicely and have become good friends. Have a listen to what they were working on today. Click on this link


Kids are challenged by fledgling fine motor skills and developing cognitive skills. Coordinating their hands is a challenge and the mental processes involved in reading and interpreting the pitch and rhythm of music make reading music extremely difficult. Children learn best by seeing and doing. They learn best and naturally by imitating the actions of those around them. Till they mature, they are typically visual and kinaesthetic learners.

These same kids are also very keen to learn how to play the guitar. However, guitar teachers, aware of a young child’s limitations often won’t start teaching a child till they’re nine or ten years of age. If they do start a young child on a course of lessons, they are likely to teach them the way they themselves were taught and use some of the many books on the market that are aimed at the young beginner guitarist. These books may look simple and colourful but essentially they require the young student to learn as an adult would. This approach often results in frustration and a negative experience for all concerned.

Only Copy Play and Learn Guitar teaches children to play guitar and read music working with their natural learning processes not against them.

As a method aimed at engaging the young guitarist, it is based on popular music genres and is peppered with juvenile humour, dog farts and snot. The book comes with a C.D rom and a supporting website.

Testimonials of Parents 

My son, Phoenix has been learning guitar using “Copy, Play and Learn” for the past six months. He has learnt so much in such a short period of time and has a great time as well!  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn music properly whilst having fun. Christina Carter (Mother).

Thought I would just shoot you a quick email to let you know that over the weekend we invested in a new guitar for Lachlan. To say that he is happy is the understatement of the year. 

I'm sure the novelty will wear off over time, but he has literally not done anything else but practice for the last 40 hours and counting- and why do I have to stop to eat??

Anyway, whatever you did in that first lesson, please keep doing as his 'obsession' is a pleasure to watch not to mention hear. 

My son began guitar tutorials with Bryce when he was aged 5. I remember at the time, Bryce had said Jordan was one of the youngest students he had tutored. My son is now 8 years old and has a fantastic passion for guitar both electric and acoustic. i believe it is because of the Copy and Learn technique Bryce has developed which made learning the guitar for Jordan easy and fun. I would highly recommend Bryce and his method of tutoring to anyone who wants to learn the guitar with ease. Kellie Lange.

Copy, Play and Learn is an excellent teaching tool for the budding, young guitarist. Our son began using this tool at age five. He particularly enjoys the themes and lyrics of the pieces and songs found in this book. He has also found homework and practice much more enjoyable using the accompanying CD. Mardi Byrne. (parent)

'Copy, Play, & Learn' has been a great way for Marcus to start learning the guitar. He loves the songs because they are relevant and funny which keeps him interested. The Copying method keeps the learning relaxed and fun. We love it! Paula Peachey (parent)

“Bryce Leader has used his many years of teaching experience to develop a unique way of engaging the young beginner guitarist.  The music in Copy, Play and Learn is great fun; children identify with the characters in the songs and want to keep practising so they can follow the story.” Sarah Barnes (parent)